East Coast Master Blasters (ECMB) was set up to cater for both Motor Enthusiasts needs on the Central Coast a while back now.

Not using conventional methods to blast with (sand, soda or similar) but utilising crushed glass with NO additives. There are absolutely no chemicals of any kind and most importantly, NO SILICA.  The Crushed Glass is a pure component with no additives from human hands.

Having understood the problems associated with previous methods where with using sand for instance, you had to blow at 200+PSI  to get any result, which then caused irreparable damage to components which rendered the components unusable. With Soda, it never disappears and is always sitting in the paws of the material, even known to worm its way to the surface under the very best paint preparation and finished jobs.  Remember, its a chemical. Ask any reputable painter and they will assure you not to use Soda in any form, unless you are cleaning food grade products.

We blow our jobs with a SUPER LOW PRESSURE, relying on the denseness of the product to remove the unwanted particles or contaminants.  At UNDER 50 PSI blowing pressure, there is NO WAY that any damage can be done to your blasted units, making this process the safest way to prepare your components for final finishing.

Because of the media used and the finish left on the components, our blasting is graded as Class #3.


Sand usually runs to Class #1 to #1 ½ and Soda never gets above #2.  This Class #3 specification alone assures the safety of the components being blasted.

From E Type Jaguars and Mini’s to mid 20’s Daimlers and FJ Holdens, ECMB have blasted it.

We are avid motor enthusiasts who have a keen eye on the final finish of a product and know how to achieve the result needed.  There are no fancy process’s or sleight of hand, our process shows up your pride and joy with all bumps and bruises if any and you get to start with like new metal.

East Coast Master Blasters = Class #3 Blasting = Superb finish!  What else could you ask for?

Your job comes in and out in pretty quickly, ‘no sitting on display’ in our shop, we deliver on time!

Class #3 NON Abrasive Precision Blasting.