Q & A Pre Blasting.

A quick 5 minute Q & A about the final steps on blasting your car.

What we have done in this section, 'Blast your car', is a virtual check list of before and afters for your job.  This will hopefully answer a lot of questions leading up to and after the blasting process.

We would suggest you have your painter and beater read this as well, so everybody is on the same page!

Do I have to have the car as a roller or on a rotissiere?- Much preferred but not essential.

Should I remove grease, oil and other gunk from the job?- Yes, otherwise we will have to and will have to charge on the end price.  We cannot pollute our booth, hopper and garnet.

Can your blasting process take out the bog?- To a certain extent. If you look at the Falcon XW pictures in the Gallery, you will see there is still some bog in the panels and the roof.  Our process blasting at LOW PRESSURE only removes the bog that is virtually wiped over the panel before it was painted previously.  If the bog is 'deep', then our blasting process alone will NOT remove this bog.  If you want the bog removed that we find, just ask us before we start the job and we will oblige. Normally, a painter will either want all the bog out if he is guaranteeing the finished job, and they normally will grind it out themselves. 

Will you blast the Bailey Channels?- Certainly do, but YOU have to tell your painter to actually apply paint in that area, so most forget cause it is not seen that much.

Will you blast inside the doors?- We always try to blast the insdie bottom 100mm of any door we prepare, but again, you then have to treat that area.  Some doors we cannot gain access. We would have killed off any rust or the like in the bottom of the door, but you must prevent it from returning.

Will you blast under the bonnet and the trunk lid?-
Nope, we only blast the 'crucifix' areas, and again in our Gallery, you will see a bonnet or two that have been done in this way.

Do I need to get the insulation off the floor?- Yes, preferably.  If that 'matty' type of base is there, we cannot blast the floor.

Do I need to remove the bitumen rust proofing?- If you want a superb blasting job which will lead to a superb paint job and finish on the car, you certainly do.  Again, see our Gallery for shots of a Mini that we removed the bitumen. We can and do remove this gunky stuff, and do it at a normal hourly rate.

After blasting, what happens with my project?- We will coat the nude panels in a clear solution which is suitable for transporting and then being able to do any and all repairs.  We prefer to coat the panels before they leave, some painters want them brought back nude and put there own sealer on them. Doesn't matter to us either way.

How long will you have my car?- If it is planned correctly, in and out in 5 to 10 working days.  We do also have project deals where we hold sections and only blast when the painter needs those particular components to work on, which we then blast and normally deliver.  We don't like these projects sitting around for to long, so a short turn around time is essential for storage room problems.

Will you blast inside the roof?- Nope, definitely not.  Roofs are NOT designed to have pressure pushing them outwards, but discuss what you need done in this area and we can work something out.

So, PLEASE ASK every type of question you can think off before the blasting takes place. We need to make sure you, the painter and East Coast Master Blasters are all on the same page.