Frequently Asked Questions

We'll attempt to answer any questions you might have right here, some you may have thought of and other you may not.  If you don't see an answer here please don't hesitate to call or contact us so we can add it here.

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Do you guys use sand or soda?

NO, we use Crushed Glass with no additives of any kind.  Because the material is pretty dense, we blast at under 50 psi maximum, where as with sand or soda or other media you have to use about 200 to 450psi which creates heat and harmonics which all in turn do damage to the material.  Virtually impossible to hurt any component with our process.

Soda never really disappears from the product, even when you put a beautiful coat of paint on, the soda will be underneath working its way to the top.  Soda should be used for cleaning kitchen equipment as it breaks down with water. It is a chemical, it will come back and bite you.  It was the rage in the 90's cause we didn't know any better.

Do you pickup?

We pickup full or complete body shells and if needed, return when the job is completed.  It is not economical to pickup single pieces, except for our account customers on the coast where we have a set delivery pattern.

Do you blast roofs and bonnets?

No...and YES, we blast all the panels, but any roof or bonnet that has a great amount of strength (eg; FJ Holdens), then we blast them inside and out.  We blast just the

As different eras of metal come through our shop continuously, each and every job is blasted to suit its own condition or requirement. There is NO SET RULE for blasting any metal, its experience that dictates how and why.

Do I have to clean the parts before dropping them off?

Certainly do.  Because of the exotic cars and components that we blast, we CANNOT run any risk of contaminating our hopper or our booth.  If parts arrive unclean with grease, oil, concrete, silicone, dirt, manure (yep manure), coal and just about anything else we will have to clean the components up to a suitable standard to enter our booth.  These costs WILL be passed onto the customer.  We charge out at $100 per hour....cause we really dont want to clean....

Normal coating like paint etc are accepted for us to remove during the blasting process.

Do you blast under bonnets-boot lids?

Yes, but only the crucifix areas where there is strength.  We DO NOT blast the flat areas under these units as the metal will stretch and shrink resulting in triangle shapes under the finished paint on the outside.....guaranteed.  See a few pictures in our gallery of examples of this.

What about Engine Parts?

We blast all engine parts as needed but they have to have any grease or oil removed (see cleaning issues above) so we don't pollute the hopper and the booth.  We can remove the oil and grease, but it does cost extra.

Do you blast wheels?

Yep, from 10 inch Mini wheels up to huge tractor-mining wheels, we do the lot whether steel or alloy.  We do prefer to blast the whole wheel (front, rear and gutter-tyre area) as when you coat the rim and fit the tyre back onto the rim, the painted area on the tyre bead area looks like new from the factory.

Do you blast Stainless Steel?

Yes, but it does tend to take the shine off the material.  We would only blast stainless for the cosmetic appearance, as it is very hard to hurt stainless which would need redressing.

Do you blast boats?

Yep, timber or alloy is no problem at all.  With the alloy blasting on the boat, it rids the material of all unwarranted sea urchins and crusty build-up so you can paint or powder coat the material and get another lifetime from the unit.

Do you blast Glass?

Have done.  We usually have to blast an area where there is a mask-template and the result is a fashionable pattern on the glass itself.  Very specialised work with the glass.

Can I bring my car in on a rotisserie?

We absolutely love customers who can supply their car on a rotisserie.  It not only makes our blaster smile....but it allows us to get into every nook and cranny on the body as we can see everything much clearer and up close.  We can guarantee a 100% plus blast job on a rotisserie and then that guarantees you a 100% access under or all over the car for final coating.  Gees, you can even roll the car sideways to put the gearbox in and wire it......much easier.

Can you pick my car up on a rotisserie?

Yes, we have an enclosed floor flat bed trailer and have picked up many cars on rotisseries.

Do you blast Aluminium Auto Parts?

We have blasted all kinds of alloy to all kinds of finishes.  It varies greatly on the grade of the alloy when the components are manufactured.  Some alloys blast up superbly and when polished or coated look great while some have a lot of pit marks (from the casting) and badly need filling and painting.  Some customers love the alloy finish as 'nude' and just clear coat it.

Can you blast body deadener and rust proofing bitumen from my car?

No and No....first off, you don't need to take your body deadener out of the car as you only have to put it back in again.  It will never be as well applied to your car as it was at the factory.  With the rust-proofing bitumen junk that was all the rage back last century, we can remove the black gunk, but we would do it exactly the same as you would.  With a heat gun and a scraper.  That costs money, but if you do it, it will save you heaps.  If so, leave just the last skerrick of black (like a ghost coloring) on the body as the blaster can blast that last bit away, but it can't blast the main portion of the gunk.  Our process explained is a gentle process, hence not being able to penetrate this unwanted sales gimmick from years ago.  DON'T replace it!

Do you blast Timber?

Mainly harder type timbers for roof beams and decoration style art work.  The softer timbers like Oregon and the like do not hold up very well to the process.

Do you coat the steel when you blast it?

Yes and No....we offer the customer the chance to have the parts coated in a clear solution (not a solid colour). This still enables the customer to see his product with all or any flaws.  With this solution, we suggest that if the parts are kept out of a moist environment, then you will get at least 3 months before they start to brown off.  We have seen parts in a non moist environment last for up to 12 months before browning.  Some customers like there parts left 'nude' and take them away to have a coating of their own preference placed on the bits.  We cannot be held responsible in any way with what the customer does with his parts after they leave our premises, whether they are coated or not.  Please note this.

Can I handle the parts after coating?

After our coating, it then enables you to do any repairs or customising necessary on the panels, and will protect them from the acid in your hands when you handle them. You may have seen brown coloured finger marks on panels over the years.  These are the result of acid in our bodies being relayed onto the bare metal panels by our contact.

Can you handle the parts if NOT coated after blasting?

Only if you use gloves or rags to grab the panels.  The metal after being blasted has all its pores opened up and will accept anything to fill themselves up with, and they suck in anything.  Best to take them straight to a coater when picked up.

Do you coat the Alloy parts after blasting?

No need to as they will not brown off, but as the pores on the material will be open, it is advised to get some coating on them as soon as physically possible.  The open pores will hold dirt and acid, and then it is a bitch to remove them to coat, polish or treat.

Do you paint?

Yes we do, and in May 2013 installed our very own separate paint booth.  We will paint virtually anything except any size car, as our time frame does not allow the hours needed for that process.  If you look at our Picture Gallery you will see our Industrial and Mining coatings already done.

Does the process harm rubber?

Not at all.  We have blasted several engine bays still with hoses and grommets installed, and all the process does is remove the glossy effect of the rubber leaving a matt natural rubber look.

What is your normal turnaround time?

We are specialist at meeting people deadlines, whether mining or automotive and have been known to work all nighters to make a deadline.  Our normal period for a blast job is 5 to 10 days.  We don't like having unfinished jobs on display in our shop as it is already to small, we need to blast them and send them home.

Does your process remove chrome?

Yes it does.  We do a lot of de-chroming for bike builders on the coast who take a new bike and de-chrome for the customer.  Sometimes the chrome is on metal, sometimes on alloy and also on plastic.  We can successfully remove the chrome from all products. Best to discuss this when you need as there are coatings under the chrome that will dictate the finished job.