Our New Blasting Booth - after our recent relocation

After making the decision to move to Ourimbah, we then also made a fantastic decision as it has turned out; to erect a brand new 'State of the Art' blasting booth.  We sourced all the material we needed, then contracted Young Norm and Boss Mikee Productions to assemble the whole deal from walls to air supply lines.


As you can see, its pretty trick.

From the first time we switched everything on, the whole system has worked flawlessly justifying our decision immediately.

With the controlled air mass in the booth, it has taken away a lot of the 'Sahara Effect' and makes spot checking every job possible while the booth is still operating as visibility has increased immensely.....oh yeah, we also put in 3 x 400 watt floodlights.


Call by and have a look any time.